Sheila Bapat

Sheila Bapat is an attorney and writer covering economic and gender justice. Her work has appeared in Jacobin, Salon, Reuters, Slate, Alternet, Truthout, the University of Pennsylvania Journal of Labor and Employment Law, PolicyMatters, and the Center for Women Policy Studies’ series, “Reproductive Laws for the 21st Century.” Sheila holds a JD from the University of Pennsylvania School of Law.

Americans Working Fewer Hours May Not Be a Bad Thing

The Congressional Budget Office's new report found the Affordable Care Act could result in a reduction in workforce participation by approximately two million full-time workers in 2017. Conservative columnists are freaking out, but, even if the right is right, that may not be a bad thing at all.

Even With the FAMILY Act, Many Families Would Continue to Struggle

Slowly, real efforts to transform the false work-family dichotomy are emerging, both through legislation as well as through employer initiatives. Programs like paid family leave and on-site child care can help working families over the long haul—yet it is rare to find either offered to low-wage workers in this country.