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Reina Gattuso

Reina Gattuso (she/her) is a feminist journalist, researcher, and teacher. She is a contributing writer at arts and cultural heritage platform Curationist. Reina was previously a contributing food writer at Atlas Obscura, a columnist at Feministing, and a 2023 New Jersey Sustainability Reporting Fellow with CivicStory. Reina’s freelance gender and sexuality journalism has appeared at Teen Vogue, POPSUGAR, The Washington Post, and the BBC, among other platforms. She is a PhD student in cultural anthropology at the City University of New York. You can find her work at her website.

Pro-Choice for Christ

In a political landscape that seems destined to pit bibles against birth control for as long as the culture wars shall persist, the Religious Institute is just one of numerous organizations advocating for contraceptive access, abortion rights, and LGBTQ rights motivated by—and not despite—Christian faith.