Rachel Laser

Third Way

Rachel Laser is the Culture Program Director at Third Way, a progressive Washington, DC-based
think tank. At Third Way,
Laser has directed two "Common Ground" initiatives – one on abortion and the
other about bridging the cultural divide between Progressives and Evangelical
Christians. Previously Laser served as Senior Counsel in the health and reproductive
rights group at the National Women’s Law, where she focused on abortion, family
planning and judicial nominations and directed their Pharmacy Refusal Project.
Prior to NWLC, Ms. Laser served as General Counsel for Planned Parenthood of
Metropolitan Washington and at a DC women’s health lobbying firm, where she
focused on maternal health issues. Ms. Laser graduated from Harvard University
and the University of Chicago Law School, where she was on the staff of the University of Chicago Law Review. Ms. Laser clerked
for Federal Judge Peter Messitte of the Southern District of Maryland.

Reconsidering Ellsworth

The Stupak Amendment is not abortion neutral and disrupts the delicate federal balance already in place. The Ellsworth Amendment, which was rejected in the House in favor of Stupak, is much closer to common ground.

Common Ground Rules

The Third Way has discovered that there are four steps towards achieving long-lasting common ground - no matter what the issue.

Conceiving Common Ground

Obama has signaled his intention to move us to shared values that can offer real solutions. But some soldiers in the abortion wars -- including some of my friends in the pro-choice movement -- have not yet adapted to the changing times.