[HEADSHOT: Nathalie Chara with short dark hair and wearing dark shirt]

Nathalie Chara

Nathalie Chara is the Director of Support Services at NYC’s LGBT Community Center. She is a passionate sociologist, educator, and advocate living in New York City. She has spent her career working in the field of LGBTQIA+ supportive care and in anti-human trafficking efforts in both New York and in her hometown of Dallas, Texas. Her work in non-profits has given her the platform to promote a vision and philosophy that emphasizes the intersectional nature of communities and to advance trauma-informed perspectives.

Alongside her non-profit work, Nathalie has been teaching at the community college, undergraduate, and graduate level in courses ranging from Introduction to Sociology to more specialized sociological courses.

She has a master’s degree in Gender and Sexuality studies from the University of Amsterdam, and a master’s degree in Sociology and a bachelor’s in Psychology/Sociology from St. John’s University.