Nashwa Khan

Nashwa Khan is currently living and learning in the Greater Toronto Area. Over her undergraduate career in Hamilton, she served on a number of councils including the City’s Status of Women Committee, was Space Allocation Chair of McMaster’s Women and Gender Equity Network, and currently chairs the city’s Youth Advisory Council. Her work has been published in a variety of places including Guerilla Feminism, LoveInshAllah, Coming of Faith, and the HuffingtonPostBlog. She is an avid storyteller, and lover of narrative medicine and public health education. Feel free to tweet her @nashwakay.

Anti-Islam Rhetoric Will Do Nothing to Stop Terror

Each time an attack occurs, public figures seem willing to conflate terrorists and Muslims as interchangeable subjects. It draws divides of “us” versus “them” more blatantly. It reiterates that our people’s lives are worth less than non-Muslims.