Melissa Ditmore and Andrea Ritchie

Urban Justice Center

Melissa Ditmore, Ph.D., was the inaugural Chair of the Advisory Board of the Sex Workers Project and is a research consultant on issues of sex work, mobility and migration, HIV and sexual health. She edited the Encyclopedia of Prostitution and Sex Work (Greenwood Press, 2006) and edits Research for Sex Work, the journal of the Network of Sex Work Projects.
She has also written about sex work, migration and trafficking for
The Lancet and SIECUS Report and has contributed to Trafficking and
Prostitution Reconsidered (Paradigm, 2005), Affective Turn (Duke, 2007)
and Women Across Borders (Black Rose, 2008.) Dr. Ditmore has spoken
about prostitution, migration rights and research ethics at the United
Nations, the International Conference on HIV/AIDS, Columbia University,
Cornell University, Hong Kong City University and numerous academic and
political conferences.

Andrea Ritchie is Director of The Sex Workers Project at the Urban Justice Center in New York.