Katherine Greenier


Katherine Greenier is the Insights Community Specialist at Floricane, a Richmond, Virginia based business devoted to organizational development. Floricane helps individuals and organizations grow by providing a number of services: strategic planning, leadership and management development, guidance on organizational change, and executive coaching. Katherine is the former Director of the American Civil Liberties Union of VA (ACLU-VA) Reproductive Freedom Project, and the former Director of the ACLU-VA Patricia M. Arnold Women’s Rights Project. She is an alum of New York Law School (NYLS), where she focused her studies on constitutional law and social justice advocacy. Katherine served as co-chair of the NYLS Justice Action Center’s Street Law Project and head of the campus arm of the American Civil Liberties Union. In her second year at NYLS, Katherine was a law student advocate in the Urban Law Clinic where she represented low-income clients in special education hearings and employment discrimination mediation. Katherine also worked with the NYLS Justice Action Center’s Racial Justice Project on “school to prison pipeline” and other education issues, conducting research, assisting in impact litigation, and working with a team of students to research and write an amicus curiae brief on behalf of the University of Texas in the appeal of Fisher v. Texas, before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Prior to attending NYLS, Katherine graduated from Mount Holyoke College, with a major in history and minor in political science.

From Fear to Safety: Confronting Sexual Assault and Harassment on Campuses

One in five women are sexually assaulted while in college, and approximately 81 percent of students experienced some form of sexual harassment during their school years.  An analsyis of sexual assault on Virginia campuses revealed that such crimes were rarely prosecuted, although under Title IX, schools receiving federal funds have a legal obligation to protect students from gender-based violence and harassment.

Domestic Violence is an Every Day Issue

While October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, it may be the grim August murder of Crystal Ragin and her three children in Newport News, VA that serves as the year’s most dramatic reminder that more must be done to protect women from violence.