Katherine Franke

Columbia Law School

Katherine Franke is a Professor of Law
and Director of the Gender and Sexuality Law Program at Columbia Law
School.  She teaches courses in gender equality, police brutality,
sexuality and queer legal theory. 
Her research has focused on gender and racial equality and well as the
regulation of sexuality in domestic, transnational and international
contexts. Her website is: http://www2.law.columbia.edu/faculty_franke/index.htm,
information about the Gender and Sexuality Law Program is at http://blogs.law.columbia.edu/gendersexualitylaw/,
and the Program’s blog is: http://blogs.law.columbia.edu/genderandsexualitylawblog/.

The Queering of Health Reform

Just as it is wrong to make better health care available only to those who can afford it, so too, it is wrong to make coverage contingent on a life that looks like the Brady Bunch. Good health care should not depend on wealth or hetero-patriarchy.