Kat Jercich


Kat Jercich was a vice president and managing editor for Rewire.News, where she oversaw daily operations and steered site content, including legal analyses and investigative reports.

Previously, Kat edited labor news at In These Times and honed her digital campaigning skills at Care2.com. Her work has appeared in BUST Magazine, Sacramento News and Review, The Rumpus, and on Bitch Magazine’s “Bitch Blog.” Kat is based in Chicago, Illinois; from 2015-2016, she served on the Literassociates board of the Chicago Literacy Alliance. She has presented at the ACES conference. She graduated summa cum laude from Cornell University, where she studied English, biology, and feminist, gender, and sexuality studies.


What Else Happened? A Bold North Carolina Campaign to End Shackling of Pregnant People

Regina and Kat discuss what the Trump administration is–and isn’t–doing to address domestic violence, how rural communities are disproportionately affected by toxic drinking water, and about the Catholic health systems looking to get into the drug business. Also, Kat talks with SisterSong's Omisade Burney-Scott about a campaign to end the practice of shackling pregnant people in North Carolina prisons.

What Else Happened? A Look Inside the Abortion Underground

Kat and Regina discuss the comeback of a disease, raids on strip clubs in New Orleans, and a lawsuit against policy preventing transgender residents from having a driver’s license that reflects their gender identity. Also, Regina talks with Nina Liss-Schultz about her recent piece at Mother Jones on an underground network of activists helping people to terminate their pregnancies.

What Else Happened? Intentional, Deadly Negligence in Orlando

Regina and Kat discuss the pollution crisis in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Orlando, Florida; a fight over installing elevators in New York subways; and how a Portland-based clothing company is taking abortion funding into its own hands. Also, Regina chats with Rewire editor Ali Stine about how snow days can cause major problems for Appalachian parents.

What Else Happened? Chicago Prioritized Religion Over Health Care

Kat and Regina discuss the disproportionately high rates of maternal mortality among women of color in Texas, the Trump administration's latest moves against trans students, and how Chicago is putting religious restrictions above patient access to care. Plus, Kat talks to Sonia Chopra about a Black student in Mason, Ohio, facing racist comments from his white social studies teacher—and what his mother is doing about it.