Jennifer Block

RH Reality Check

Jennifer Block, author of Pushed, has been a journalist for nine years,
writing and editing for magazines and newsweeklies, frequently covering
women’s health and politics and the intersection of the two.

Her work has appeared in the Village Voice, Ms., The Nation,, Mother Jones, ELLE, and Plenty.
Her investigative pieces have tackled such provocative issues as police
harassment of street prostitutes, rape in the military, abortion
tourism, and the politics of sex ed.

A former editor at Ms. magazine, Jennifer was also a senior editor at the eco-lifestyle magazine Plenty and served as an editor of the revised classic, Our Bodies, Ourselves. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Where’s The Birth Plan?

Obama "won't rest" until he's cut health care costs and improved quality? Over here, Mr. President, says Jennie Joseph, a certified professional midwife who runs a birth center in Winter Garden, Florida.  .  Midwives like Joseph provide what you could call less-is-more care.

Midwives Deliver

America is overspending and under-serving women and families. The problem is not access to care; it is the care itself.