Jazmine Walker

Jazmine Walker is a big fine woman who specializes in reproductive justice and solidarity economy movements. In her spare time, she is the co-creator, -producer, and -host of a weekly podcast called The Black Joy Mixtape that centers Black joy, liberation, & femmes as it tackles weekly headlines through comedy and sisterhood.

She is from Jackson, Mississippi. Her public scholarship and activism is rooted in people driven social and political movements that are accessible and appealing to the communities we work, love, and live.

She currently provides technical assistance, supports local philanthropy & food systems, support reproductive justice organizing strategies, and promotes just & sustainable economies in the Deep South and Central Appalachia. She resides in Washington, D.C

Enough Is Enough: Repeal Hyde Now

As we acknowledge the passage of Hyde 38 years ago this month, it is important to look at how the amendment helped to usher in a wave of anti-choice legislation that has the most detrimental impacts on poor communities of color—especially in states like Mississippi.