Jasmine Burnett

National Black Network for Reproductive Justice

Jasmine is an activist and leader in the Reproductive Justice movement. She led successful advocacy campaigns through SisterSong NYC, the New York Coalition for Reproductive Justice, and was a founding member of Trust Black Women Partnership. Her work as an consultant supports social justice organizations in strategic planning, and she also is a life coach. Jasmine is a writer for Echoing Ida, a program of Forward Together that supports the leadership and amplifies the voices of Black women. Her writing area of focus examines anti-Black racism, the untold stories of Black women and girls, and the discussion of the Black community as a varied, diverse, and non-monolithic community.

Pennsylvania Activists Rally for Reproductive Rights and Justice

The All* Above All Be Bold Road Trip stopped in Philadelphia on September 9 at Love Park, a symbol of great pride to the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection. However, as low-income families and women in the city have experienced, the motto certainly isn’t a reflection of the city's stewardship to communities in need.