Janna Zinzi

Janna A. Zinzi is a strategist and storyteller using writing and movement to address the beauty and complexities of women’s lives. As a communications strategist, she assists small businesses and social justice organizations in promoting their work online. As a writer, she has contributed to a variety of progressive and feminist blogs including AlterNet, Feministing and Racialicious. Janna (also known as “jaz”) is a reproductive justice advocate and a performer with Brown Girls Burlesque, an all women of color theatrical burlesque troupe.

A Natural Alternative to the Pill?

It’s unpopular not to celebrate the Pill because there's enough opposition to reproductive rights; why add fuel to the fire? Yet while many women happily use them, a significant share find that side effects largely outweigh the benefits.

Breastfeeding: Putting the Stats into Practice

Breastfeeding may not be a panacea to maternal and infant health disparities but it is a proven way to improve health outcomes. But to make it real, we have to holistically support new mothers and their babies in breastfeeding.