Gloria Malone

Gloria Malone is a fearless advocate, freelance writer, college student, and blogger at Teen Mom where she writes about life as a teen mom and provides encouragement to other teen moms to beat societal stereotypes.

Family Leave Laws Need to Include Teen Student Parents

Conversations about the need for more comprehensive maternity leave policies seem to rarely include solutions to the issues facing pregnant and parenting students, despite the fact that they are less likely to finish high school than their peers and are more likely to stay in poverty as they struggle to support their family.

Where’s the ’16, Parenting, and OK’ Reality Show?

The media’s bad job of reporting on teenage pregnancy and parenting has real-life consequences and effects on teenage families, including depression and generational poverty. By removing these stereotypes, and changing to more positive story lines and outcomes, people in the media can make it easier on teens to create thriving families.