Gillian Kane


Gillian Kane is senior policy advisor for Ipas, an international non-governmental organization that works around the world to prevent deaths and injuries from unsafe abortion to advance women’s sexual and reproductive rights and to expand access to safe abortion care.

Gillian is an expert on women’s human rights, and sexual and reproductive rights in Latin America and Africa. She has written extensively on the subject including for the Guardian, the Atlantic, and Slate, among others.

Dirty Campaigning, Brazilian Style

The 2010 Brazilian presidential elections marked the first time abortion became a highly debated campaign issue and it followed a fairly American script, replete with allegations that the front runner, was a lesbian, a child-killer, a socialist.

Cardinal Was Principal Defender on Abortion

At the funeral mass for the Colombian Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo this Wednesday, Pope Benedict will likely commemorate the Cardinal's work to prevent women from accessing abortion and laud his efforts to eliminate contraceptives.

Poland Ideal Getaway for Christian Right

It's no wonder the anti-choice, anti-feminist and homophobic World Congress of Families will be held in Warsaw this week; since joining the European Union, Poland has enacted discriminatory policies towards women and gays.