Francine Coeytaux

Public Health Institute (PHI)

Ms. Coeytaux is internationally known for her promotion of comprehensive reproductive health services, safe abortion services, and the development of new reproductive technologies. In her thirty-year career she has worked to empower women, particularly in managing their reproductive health and rights, and has pioneered the use of acceptability research to give voice to women in the shaping of public health agendas. Ms. Coeytaux is a Co-Founder of the Pro-Choice Alliance for Responsible Research and serves on the Boards of EngenderHealth and the Center for Genetics and Society.

Invoking ‘Choice’ When Discussing Surrogacy as a Feminist Concern Is a Mistake

A recent Rewire piece treated the vexing question of commercial surrogacy as a litmus test for feminists. For us at Pro-Choice Alliance for Responsible Research, we believe that contract pregnancy can’t be understood in such a simplistic framework.