Feminista Jones

Feminista Jones is a mental health social worker, sex-positive feminist writer, public speaker, and community activist from New York City. She is an award-winning blogger and author. With a focus on women’s health and well-being, specifically in areas of mental and sexual health, she is currently the Love & Sex section editor at BlogHer.com.
In 2014, she launched a global anti-street harassment campaign (#YouOKSis) and a National Moment of Silence protesting police brutality (#NMOS14), both of which received international media attention. For this work, she was awarded the 2014 Black Weblog Award for Outstanding Online Activism. Feminista travels the country and world speaking at various conferences at universities and, in 2014, she was honored as one of the Top 100 Black Social Influencers by The Root. Feminista is a mom, a mentor to young girls, and vocal advocate for the homeless.