Elizabeth Toledo

Camino Public Relations

Elizabeth Toledo is the President of Camino Public Relations, and is the former Vice President – Communications for Planned Parenthood Federation of America. She has more than twenty years of leadership in non profit and advocacy communications, and is a prominent national speaker.

In her current role, she helps non profit organizations and initiatives use communications strategies to further social justice goals, and has a particular focus on healthcare and diversity issues.

Ms. Toledo has been a leading voice of opinion and analysis for nearly two decades. She has appeared hundreds of times on the national media scene, including such top rated programs as CNN’s Anderson Cooper, NBC Nightly News, National Public Radio, Air America, and many additional broadcast and print outlets. She has been profiled by Ms. Magazine and National Public Radio. She was featured in a front page story and photo on reproductive health activism in the San Francisco Chronicle and in a front page photo on Supreme Court issues in the New York Times.

Ms. Toledo has a unique ability to communicate about complex legal and social issues in a straightforward and accessible manner. She spearheaded communications plans for court initiatives, including Supreme Court judicial nominations as well as for major recent Supreme Court decisions related to women’s health.
She has a long history of leadership in grassroots advocacy, including being a leading national organizer of the 2004 March for Women’s Lives, which was the largest march and rally in United States history and which generated massive worldwide media coverage. She has also held a leadership role in many political campaigns on issues including affirmative action, electoral battles, reproductive health care, and economic justice. She was a plaintiff in the legal case that re-shaped athletic opportunities for women in California’s public colleges.

In her role at Camino PR and with the generous support of the Ford Foundation, Ms. Toledo is currently working to foster communications strategies and collaborations that will promote new and promising approaches to sexuality education and adolescent health.