Ann Rose

Abortion Clinics OnLine

Ann Rose is a creative and motivated professional that specializes in women’s health education in Atlanta, Georgia.

Currently, Ms. Rose is focusing on healthcare marketing opportunities via the Internet. She is President of the network and an online directory of Abortion Providers, Abortion Clinics Online.

Abortion Clinics OnLine has been online since 1995 and is the first and largest source for online abortion clinic information in the world. She also has an educational site, Ann Rose’s Ultimate Birth Control Links where she personally answers over 30 questions per week regarding birth control. A compilation of her Q&A is in the works.

She has a BLOG on Daily Kos:

Ms. Rose has over 36 years experience in administration, marketing, service development, referral enhancement and public relations for contemporary outpatient women’s health care facilities and services; and she is an accomplished public speaker and health educator. During this time, she has personally visited over 300 abortion and family planning centers throughout the country.

She has specialized nationwide in working with health care clients, especially abortion providers, hospitals, outpatient surgi-centers, and women’s health centers. As a member of the Speaker’s Bureau of major pharmaceutical companies from 1992-1995, she has conducted educational workshops throughout the country for medical facility personnel on stress management, values clarification, contraceptive risk taking, why women delay, repeat abortion. and self-esteem. She has also performed stand up comedy in Atlanta and nationwide. She maintains a close relationship with the Atlanta and national media.

In 1977, Ann Rose helped open the nation’s first hospital specializing in second trimester abortion. She served in the capacities of Clinic Director, Counseling, Director, Admissions Supervisor, and Director of Community Relations between 1977 and 1989. Under Ms. Rose’s ground floor initiatives, this nationally-acclaimed women’s specialty abortion hospital served over 100,000 women. Ms. Rose developed some of the first marketing programs for women’s health services including informational brochures, advertisements (print, radio, television), direct mail, newsletters, and community involvement. Nationally recognized as a specialist in women’s health care marketing, she has also developed surveys, forms, consents, patient flow systems, and patient referral tracking programs. Her front line presence in contemporary women’s health issues has resulted not only in local press but also in national interviews with all the major networks including CNN, Talk-Back Live, ABC’s 20/20, CBS Nightly News, CBS’s 48 Hours, and Rachel Maddow’s recent special on the assassination of Dr. Tiller.

She has also been politically active in shaping legislation both locally and nationally, as well as working with major family planning organizations.

Fertilized Eggs Are NOT People!

On November 8th, the voters of Mississippi will be considering a "Personhood Amendment" (Amendment #26) which would give a fertilized egg more rights than a live born woman, and would outlaw abortion and birth control.