Angela Castellanos

RH Reality Check, Latin America

Angela Castellanos has over 20 years experience as communications consultant for development projects and as a journalist. That includes 17 years working as an international correspondent reporting on women issues in Latin America, for global press agencies, digital news services, international magazines, and local media. Angela is member of ORBICOM, International Network of UNESCO Chairs in Communications. She holds a postgraduate degree in Science of Information and Press from the University of Paris, and graduated from the Faculty of Social Communications and Journalism from the Externado de Colombia University. She has been appointed as university professor as well as invited as a speaker to relevant international summits and seminars on communications, feminism and women’s portrayal in the media. Her work can be also be found at

Chile: The Long Struggle for Access to Emergency Contraception

In Chile, women’s rights are perhaps even more contested than in other countries in Latin America. It is the only country in the region where the law grants men the right to “manage the patrimony” of their marriage.  It was the last country in the region to legalize divorce. And it is one of the few countries in the world where therapeutic abortion is criminalized.