Andrea Plaid

Named one of’s “8 Dynamic Black Women Editors in New Media,” Andrea Plaid not only serves as the Arts and Culture Editor for the award-winning Twin Cities Daily Planet but also as a contributing editor for the Feminist Wire and a critic for Kirkus Reviews. She was an associate producer of renowned web series Black Folk Don’t. Her commentary has appeared on MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry, Huffington Post Live, Chicago Tribune, and Washington Post. Plaid worked as an associate editor for the award-winning race-and-pop-culture blog Racialicious, and her work on race, gender, sex, and sexuality has appeared, among other places, at In These Times, On The Issues, and

Perimenopause And The “Sexual Peak”

Am I indeed reaching my own “sexual peak,” that legendary apex of erotic everythingness that “women” (implicitly meaning “cisgender women”) are supposed to do at the age of 40? What causes this “peak,” and what’s going on “down there” as I’m going towards this summit?