Amie Newman

Amie Newman is a communications officer at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Amie’s professional advocacy for women started at the Northwest Women’s Law Center (now Legal Voice) and continued at Aradia Women’s Health Center where, for seven years, she directed the feminist women’s health center’s communications and outreach activities. Amie was also the Submissions Editor for the amazing publication Our Truths/Nuestras Verdades and a former editor of Rewire. Amie lives in Seattle with her family: her designer/musician husband, two beautiful and crazy children, two dogs, two chickens and a pair of fire-bellied toads.

New York City Reins In ‘Crisis Pregnancy Centers’

Earlier this month, the New York City Council passed a bill which requires limited service pregnancy centers, also known as crisis pregnancy centers, to disclose the services they do and don't provide. These centers which are not health care facilities, have a history of lying to women and disseminating misinformation in service to their anti-abortion agenda.

(VIDEO) Who Do You Trust? Cute Bunnies Or a Woman?

The American Life League's newest TV ad opposing our federal safety net program for family planning, Title X, features...a little bunny. Planned Parenthood's ad focuses on a woman who received life-saving medical care from a Planned Parenhood health center. We're fighting cute little bunnies now?

Miscarriage-as-Murder Bill Center of GOP War on Women

Rep. Bobby Franklin (R-Marietta, GA) of "rape victims aren't victims" and, now, miscarriage is "prenatal murder" infamy, is not simply a "Lone Ranger," as some call him. He's exactly what happens when we allow a GOP full-scale war on women, girls and families to get this far.

Afternoon Roundup: Washington DC Proposes Cutting Out the ‘Middle-Man’ For Birth Control Access

Washington DC proposes birth control from pharmacists without a prescription; newly-created UN Women director speaks at the opening session of Commission on the Status of Women; GOP budget slashes foreign aid for HIV/AIDS programs and AIDS advocates say it will mean the loss of babies' lives; Dr. Bernard Nathanson, a physician who provided abortions turned passionate-anti-legal-abortion-advocate dies.