Alicia Walters

Creative Justice Works

Alicia Walters is a consultant and performing artist through her company Creative Justice Works. Focusing on reproductive justice, Alicia works with social justice organizations in communications, policy advocacy, and movement building. With over ten years of experience in the field, Alicia has worked in classrooms, women’s shelters, correctional facilities, and non-profit institutions with the intention of improving the opportunities, resources, and well-being of women, families, and communities of color. As a consultant, her clients have included the ACLU of Northern California, Forward Together, Law Students for Reproductive Justice, Backline and Bay Area Communities for Health Education, among others. Her most recent projects include passing legislation to prohibit the use of shackles on pregnant women in California jails and prisons, coordinating Echoing Ida, a project of Strong Families supporting a dynamic group of Black women bloggers, and analysis of California jails’ reproductive health policies and practices. Alicia brings a well-honed skill for seeing connections where others may not and working with others to bring out their best.