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Zoe Greenberg

Investigative Fellow, RH Reality Check

Zoe Greenberg was an investigative fellow with Rewire, where she wrote about women in prison, anti-choice funding, and state courts. She graduated from Yale, where she studied journalism. Previously she worked as a reporter for The Oregonian, in Portland, Oregon. Her work has appeared in Salon, OZY, Poets & Quants, The New Journal, and The Yale Daily News.

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Analysis Human Rights

The Students of Color on the Front Lines of Yale’s Fight Against Institutional Racism

Zoe Greenberg

“When we’re applying, Yale’s like, ‘Please come here, it’s so diverse, we do all of these things!’ But when we get here, it’s like, ‘OK. You’re on your own,’” Brea Baker, a Black senior and president of Yale’s NAACP chapter, told Rewire in a phone interview. “The Yale that we’re being sold is not the Yale that we live on a daily basis.”