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Yvonne Hamby

JSI Research & Training Institute

I work in the public health field, in particular, I develop and direct projects with a focus in reproductive and sexual health.

I love my work because it allows me to work on issues of justice and equality through the lens of health. I believe that promoting health entails addressing its biological, medical, social, cultural, and economic components; health disparity is the physical manifestation of these areas being out of balance, particularly the economic aspects of health. Ultimately, my goal is to inform efforts promoting social equity through health, and health through social equity, because food, shelter and access to health care are basic human rights that we all should have…no matter what our economic means. I see my role as a public health advocate being one of mobililizaiton of communities to take an active part in ensuring their health and well-being and by doing so is also taking part in the democratic process.

“A healthy community is a form of living democracy: people working together to address what matters to them.”
-Stephen B. Fawcett, et al.

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