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Todd Heywood

New Journalist Fellow

Todd Heywood has worked in journalism, advocacy politics, public relations, politics and even served a stint as an elected official. He currently is the Capitol correspondent for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender publication Between the Lines and its online edition, Heywood also serves as communications director for advocacy organization, Michigan Equality. He lives in Lansing, Mich. with his beloved dogs Virgil and Gypsy Rose.

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Thousands Rally in Washington D.C. for Gay Rights

Todd Heywood

Thousands of Americans are in the nation's capitol today to demand full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. The National Equality March which is the brain child of San Francisco organizer Cleve Jones and media mogul David Mixner, will feature a march through the nation's capitol, past the White House and conclude at the lawn of the Capitol building.

$400 Million to Prevent STIs – Wasteful?

Todd Heywood

House Republicans recently announced their idea of what is wasteful in the stimulus bill. On the list? A proposal for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to get $400 million for STI screening and prevention.

AIDS and Silence: The Stigma Is Killing Us

Todd Heywood

We have a problem in the gay men’s community. Our silence about the epidemic slowly eating us away is killing us. As much as this might sound like it is some ancient diatribe written in the ’80s, it remains the reality today.