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Tanene Allison

Tanene Allison is a writer, new media innovator, political strategist and poet. She is presently launching a new media platform focused on diversifying and creatively fueling the national discourse. Previously Tanene has worked at Brave New Films, Think MTV, and at a variety of other social justice outlets.

Tanene completed her Masters in Public Policy at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. While at Harvard, Tanene edited the Harvard Journal of African American Public Policy, and was awarded a Point Foundation Uncommon Legacies Scholarship. Her undergraduate studies were at San Francisco State University.

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Tanene Allison
Tanene Allison

Commentary Human Rights

We Are the Ones We Are Waiting For: The Promise of Intersectional Solidarity

Something new is starting to happen. The last two months have hosted a collection of headlines where one group has stepped up in active support of the rights of another group. Any movement – whether old or new – has only succeeded when actively embraced by allies beyond the most targeted group. What are the possibilities of this new road we’re walking down? What does it mean for all of us to “build that circle of our common safety that all of us deserve”?