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Scott Swenson

RH Reality Check

Faith and values have always motivated my work in politics, Congress, for nonprofits and foundations doing progressive advocacy work for 20 years. Before helping to create and launch Rewire and becoming its Executive Editor, I was proud to bring my values to work securing rights for the terminally ill as Executive Director of the Death with Dignity National Center (2001-2005), the organization that passed, promoted and defended Oregon’s Death with Dignity Law; fighting racism by helping produce and promote the Voices Special Forum at the U.N. World Conference Against Racism in 2001; and in my work to promote rights for people regardless of sexual orientation or HIV status at the Gill Foundation. My work communicating progressive vision was honed at Communications Consortium Media Center, Public Agenda, and working for Rep. Dan Glickman and on state and federal campaigns. Some of us get that it is life that motivates us to make the world a better and more inclusive place. Faith (writ large) and democracy, are being perverted by those who cannot tolerate anything outside of their narrow world view. We should all be aware that each life is precious, blessed with free will, and responsible for the choices we make.  

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Be the Change You Seek

Scott Swenson

I've been signing my emails with the "Be the change you seek" paraphrase of Mahatma Gandhi for many years. It is an every day reminder that change starts within. The challenge with change is you don't always know where you're going, or what exactly within you is changing, until you get there. But you take the first step, sometimes a leap, following where your heart leads when opportunity knocks, and change reveals itself.

I'm thankful I answered the knock as my heart led me to RH Reality Check almost four years ago.

Rewire: Welcome to Common Ground

Scott Swenson

Why is Rewire, a site founded and dedicated to promoting progressive ideas about the full spectrum of sexual and reproductive health, engaging this discussion about common ground?

Virginity Pledges Fail Says Johns Hopkins Study

Scott Swenson

Shocking News! Yet another study finds that virginity pledges promoted by abstinence-only programs don't work. How much longer will strapped taxpayers be forced to shell out $1.5 billion for programs that actually endanger teen health?

Culture of Lies: Values

Scott Swenson

We must decide whether our democracy will be stronger moving forward articulating values where government remains neutral, ensuring rights, safety and providing reliably accurate information based on facts; or by putting the full force of the federal government behind one narrow interpretation of one religious ideology.

Culture of Lies: Tactics and Strategies

Scott Swenson

We all view life as sacred. We all view love and sexuality as sacred. We all know and respect the importance of transitions at birth and death. We rejoice in each, as we rejoice in each other. We celebrate life. We want it to be better for everyone. So if we agree on so many goals, maybe the only choice in this election are the tactics and strategies we think will best help us reach them.

Culture of Lies: Conservative Revolt

Scott Swenson

Perhaps the most fascinating part of this mind-bendingly historic election cycle is that so many conservative Republicans are standing up to say they have had enough. They “aren’t leaving their party,” to paraphrase Ronald Reagan when he supported Barry Goldwater’s conservative movement, “their party is leaving them.”

New Media Plays Significant Role In Election as Our Community Grows

Scott Swenson

Old media is about writing opeds and hoping the legacy media Gods smile upon you. How many drafts do you have in your files? New media is about active participation, interaction, taking responsibility for sharing content, joining a conversation that puts all the accumulated expertise of our community at the finger tips of every person seeking to grow in understanding.

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