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A Third-Year Law Student Discusses Her Work on Abortion Access in Texas

Sarah Erdreich

One of the biggest challenges for small abortion funds is that our resources are so limited that often we can not adequately train people to deal with some of the hard cases. If there was something that I [didn’t] know how to handle, I would often call one of my colleagues and debrief and take care of myself first, to make sure that I was available to my client and wasn't doing them more harm then good.

Attorney/Clinic Escort/Self-Described Male Feminist Speaks Out on Abortion and Contraception

Sarah Erdreich

I really feel that we're continually fighting a rearguard here. Obama has maintained the status quo (probably) on the Supreme Court. I don't see a Freedom of Choice Act passing anytime soon. The anti-choicers are out to stop contraception generally, not just abortion, because pregnancy is supposed to be God's punishment for "easy women." Combined with Dr. Tiller's murder and the generally lukewarm response, along with the lack of training for new doctors in abortion care, I worry that we're going to be seeing a further decline in availability for quite some time.

Serving Women at Any Cost: The Founders of Speak Out

Sarah Erdreich

During the summer of 2009, Sarah Erdeich talked to dozens of young pro-choice activists and doctors about what motivated their work for reproductive justice, what concerns them most about the current state of abortion rights, and what they think the future holds for legal abortion in the U.S. This is the first of three interviews to be published at Rewire.