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Rachel Walden

Our Bodies, Ourselves; Women's Health News

Rachel Walden is a blogger for Our Bodies, Our Blog and a medical librarian, with a Masters of Library and
Information Science, providing clinical evidence summaries to inform
care at an academic medical center. She began writing the blog Women’s Health News
in 2005, covering policy, research, news, and online resources. Rachel
has also written for and served on the editorial board of a medical
librarianship journal, and previously worked in communications and tech
support for a non-profit organization.

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Countdown to Conscience Clause Regulation

Rachel Walden

New "provider conscience" regulations proposed by HHS could severely limit women's access to contraception and other health care. During a public comment period, the department continued to frustrate advocates' effort to comment on the new regulations.

Leavitt Misrepresents to Justify Proposed Regulation

Rachel Walden

The American Board of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has clearly stated that certification is not at issue if a provider refuses to perform or refer for abortion. But HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt continues to cite this certification as justification for his new regulations.

Fear-Mongering on Gardasil

Rachel Walden

There may be serious issues with Gardasil that warrant a new assessment of the risks and benefits. But incomplete and inaccurate reporting does nothing to assist women and families in making decisions about vaccination and safety.