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Roundup: When Anti-Choice Bills Go Badly For Activists

Rachel Larris

South Carolina anti-choice legislators can't seem to get together for a bill to add a 24-hour waiting period while the Georgia House Speaker doesn't seem to be onboard with the Georgia Right to Life's goal for a constitutional challenge to Roe v Wade.

Roundup: Wisconsin DA Threatens To Arrest Sex Ed Teachers

Rachel Larris

Imagine your school district got a letter from the district attorney threatening to arrest and charge teachers for teaching a curriculum approved by the state legislature for contributing to the “delinquency of a minor.” That’s exactly what happened in Wisconsin.

Roundup: Healthcare Reform Bill Passes, Includes Deal With Stupak

Rachel Larris

Late last night the House passed the healthcare reform bill in a vote of 219 to 212. A last minute deal between Rep. Bart Stupak and President Barack Obama, who promised to sign an executive order after the House vote, retained his support. Reaction to the deal from pro- and anti-choice groups was swift.

Bob Marshall Introduced By Man Who Says Haitians Deserved It

Rachel Larris

Bob Marshall, who continues to dispute he said what he's been recorded and caught on video tape saying, is digging an ever-deeper hole for himself politically.  Moreover, new video shows that he was introduced at the press conference by a minister who said Pat Roberts was "on target" about the recent earthquake in Haiti being just punishment for a "pact with the devil."

Planned Parenthood Has A Widget For You

Rachel Larris

Interested in figuring out the right birth control method for you? Wondering if you should be tested for an STI? Need to know where the closest Planned Parenthood clinic is located? Planned Parenthood now has three widgets that can be added to a blog or webpage.

Utah Bill Criminalizes Miscarriage

Rachel Larris

A bill passed this week by the Utah State Legislature and awaiting the governor's signature, will criminalize miscarriages and abortions under certain circumstances and send women to jail.

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