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Priyanka Bhatt

Priyanka Bhatt is the staff attorney for Project South, a social-justice organization based in Atlanta that works in the defense of immigrants, Muslims, and communities of color across the South. She is also a steering committee member of Georgia Detention Watch and a member of the National Lawyers Guild Georgia chapter. Bhatt was the lead author of the 2018 report titled “Inside Atlanta’s Immigrant Cages” and has worked on campaigns to shut down all immigrant detention centers in Georgia. In addition, she has advocated against anti-immigrant policies at the Georgia Capitol and continues to work on limiting local police and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) collusion in Georgia. Bhatt has spoken at several national and regional conferences including the those of the Detention Watch Network and the U.S. Human Rights Network. Before joining Project South, Priyanka was a public service fellow with dean’s special Recognition at her law school and worked in the public sector through her internships with the Atlanta Legal Aid Society, the Ohio Public Defender’s Office Wrongful Conviction Project, and the Minority Caucus of The Ohio House of Representatives.


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