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Melissa Ditmore

Melissa Ditmore, Ph.D., was the inaugural Chair of the Advisory Board of the Sex Workers Project and is a consultant on issues of sex work, mobility and migration, HIV and sexual health. She edited the Encyclopedia of Prostitution and Sex Work (Greenwood Press, 2006). She has also written about sex work, migration and trafficking for The Lancet and SIECUS Report and has contributed to Sex for Sale (Routledge, 2010), Trafficking and Prostitution Reconsidered (Paradigm, 2005), and Affective Turn (Duke, 2007.) Dr. Ditmore has spoken about prostitution, migration rights and research ethics at the United Nations, the International Conference on HIV/AIDS, Columbia University, Cornell University, Hong Kong City University and numerous academic and political conferences.

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Research for Sex Work 11 is online

Melissa Ditmore

Research for Sex Work 11 is online. It's the only journal of its kind, with contributions from sex workers, health workers and NGO staff. Articles from India, Mali, Spain, the UK and the US, illustrated with beautiful photographs by Mathilde Bouvard, discuss pleasure and sex work, the failures of raids to help trafficked persons, violence against sex workers and more.

Who’s Trafficked?

Melissa Ditmore

Congress is poised to re-authorize the federal law against human trafficking with new provisions that will both increase penalties for sex workers and effectively decrease our ability to aid genuine victims of trafficking.