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Melanie Zurek


Melanie Zurek has spent more than a decade working on issues of reproductive health and serves as the Executive Director of Provide, (formerly the Abortion Access Project), a national resource for innovative approaches to improving access. An educator and writer by training, Melanie’s career began teaching autobiographical writing workshops in New York City battered and homeless women’s shelters and has included work with government agencies, Native American tribes, and adjudicated minors. She has consulted on numerous health communications, curriculum development and professional training projects and served on the Board of Directors of the Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund. She received her B.A. from the New School for Social Research in New York and her Masters in Education from Harvard University. You can follow Provide on Twitter @provide_access.

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Melanie Zurek
Melanie Zurek

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Roe at 40 — Happy Anniversary, Losers

Struggling clinics. Generational divides within the movement. Fluctuating poll numbers. Controversy over the pro-choice label. As a recent post by Tracy Weitz reminds us on the latter count, these are not new stories. But let me challenge the idea that we are losing.