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All Work

I’m Rooting for An Abortion This Friday Night

Maya Dusenbery

There’s sure to be an exciting football game in this week’s episode of Friday Night Lights, but it’s the outcome of Becky’s pregnancy, not the game, that I’ll be interested in tonight. And I'll be rooting for an abortion.

Trusting Women and Their Own Experiences

Maya Dusenbery

To me, trusting women means working for a world in which not only a woman's decision about whether to continue a pregnancy but also the meaning she ascribes to that choice are entirely hers alone--free of barriers and judgment.

Speaking of Abortion

Maya Dusenbery

I really believe that no matter how many legal battles are won, until we can talk about our experiences with abortion, it will remain stigmatized, inaccessible to many women, and constantly under threat.