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Maria deBruyn and Marion Stevens

Ipas and the Health Systems Trust

Maria de Bruyn is a Senior Policy Advisor for Ipas and a medical anthropologist by training. At Ipas, she has identified, researched, and publicized linkages between abortion and other sexual and reproductive health issues, including HIV/AIDS. Ipas is an international women’s health and rights organization working to reduce deaths and injuries from unsafe abortion.

Marion Stevens has a background as a midwife, in medical anthropology
and in public development. She has worked in the area of sexual and
reproductive health and HIV/AIDS for some 20 years. Her work has
included conducting participatory research, policy analysis and
development and advocacy. She has worked with a range of stakeholders
both locally and internationally. Currently she is directing the Women
and HIV/AIDS Gauge at the Health Systems Trust (South Africa) to engage
with the continuum of HIV/AIDS care through a sexual and reproductive
health and rights lens. 

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