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Marcy Darnovsky

Center for Genetics and Society

Marcy Darnovsky, PhD, Associate Executive Director, speaks and writes widely on the politics of human biotechnology, focusing on their social justice and public interest implications. She has appeared on national television news and been cited in hundreds of news and magazine articles. She has worked as an organizer and advocate in a range of environmental and progressive political movements, and taught courses at Sonoma State University and at California State University East Bay. Her Ph.D. is from the History of Consciousness program at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

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News Maternity and Birthing

Exposure of Surrogacy and Baby-Selling Scheme Underscores Need for Accountability

Marcy Darnovsky

Two prominent reproductive law attorneys now await sentencing by a US district court after pleading guilty to charges connected with an elaborate surrogacy and baby-selling scheme. What measures will be taken by the fertility industry, policy makers, women’s health advocates and others to ensure the well-being of everyone involved with assisted reproduction practices?