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Mandy Van Deven

Mandy Van Deven is a writer, global advocate, and online media strategist. Her work exploring contemporary feminisms, queer sexualities, global activisms, and reproductive health has been published by The Guardian, Salon, GlobalPost, AlterNet, and Marie Claire.

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Sex, Reproduction, and the MDGs: Why Funding for Reproductive Health Care is Critical to Combatting Global Poverty

Mandy Van Deven

Improving access to sexual and reproductive health services is necessary to advance the Millennium Development Goals. At this critical moment, however, funding priorities for family planning are being shifted away from Latin America and the Caribbean, which may undermine the substantial gains that have been made in the region and overlook the tremendous need that still remains.

Infidelity and Feminism: Can Cheating Be A Feminist Choice?

Mandy Van Deven

In Cheating on the Sisterhood: Infidelity and Feminism, Lauren Rosewarne’s details her own personal struggles as a willing participant in an illicit relationship that resulted in another woman's devastation, as well as her own. It is a political look at the motivations that fuel situations of betrayal and the justifications one provides oneself from the inside.