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Lesley Barned

Advocates for Youth

Lesley Barned is from Kingston, Jamaica. She attends Howard University in Washington D.C., where she is working on a Bachelor’s in business administration with a concentration in accounting. While in Jamaica, Lesley was involved in the work of several community based organizations, such as Junior Rotary, Junior Optimist, Lifesavers and Green Generation. Since moving to the United States, she has continued her activism through with the Community of Aids Activists Fighting for Equal Justice (C.A.A.F.E.), the Caribbean Students Association (CSA), and the B.U.I.L.D. Mentorship Program at the local elementary school Bruce Monroe. Lesley volunteers for the Planned Parenthood of the Metropolitan Washington Area, educating young people about sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) and safe sex.

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Anti-Choice Groups Deride Women Deliver

Lesley Barned

Concerned Women for America and other anti-choice groups claimed that Women Deliver focused too much on abortion -- but safe and available abortion is a key part of improving maternal health.