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Latishia James-Portis

Latishia James-Portis is a chaplain gone rogue who uses her skills to help create a culture of consent and transformative justice by day, and not-so-secretly trying to solve our country’s empathy problem by night through her consulting practice Empathic Solutions. She is the assistant director for Prevention and Response at Spelman College. As vice president of the board for All-Options, she serves as a Faith Aloud clergy counselor. You can keep up with her on Twitter or at

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YWA 2013 Nominee: Latishia James

Latishia James-Portis

I believe my purpose in life is to assist in the development, healing and empowerment of young girls, women and  the LGBTQ community to reconcile their sexuality (sexual trauma/assault, sexual orientation, sexual expression) with their spirituality (morality, creator, divine, purpose in life).