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Kelsey Holt

Ibis Reproductive Health

Kelsey Holt is a Senior Project Manager at Ibis Reproductive Health. She holds a Master of Arts in medical anthropology from the University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center, and a Bachelor of Arts in biological anthropology with a minor in Spanish from Northwestern University. Prior to joining Ibis Reproductive Health in 2008, she worked as a Project Manager for Socios en Salud (a Partners in Health affiliate) in Lima, Peru, managing an income-generation project for low-income, recovered Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis patients. She has also worked as an Evaluation Research Analyst for the Center for Research in the Health and Behavioral Sciences, evaluating STI/HIV physician training courses offered through the CDC’s Prevention Training Centers, and as a meeting leader for the Kaiser Permanente Viva Bien project for Latina women with diabetes. Kelsey’s previous research focused on women’s access to labor and delivery care in rural Bolivia. At Ibis, she manages research projects on positive people’s access to HIV treatment and care and young women’s reproductive health in South Africa, and reproductive health care access in the US military in addition to projects in Latin America, and the Middle East and North Africa; Kelsey also serves as the Executive Director of the Cervical Barrier Advancement Society (CBAS).

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Analysis Violence

Reproductive Health Services in the Military: It’s Time to Stop Denying Servicewomen the Basic Rights For Which They Fight

Kelsey Holt

Military servicewomen fight for our country and our rights yet are denied access to basic reproductive health care.  They face shockingly high rates of sexual assault and rape, yet are denied access to legal services. We urge policymakers in 2012 to put politics aside and support the women serving our country through policies that put their needs and wellbeing first, as they do ours.