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Kelley Robinson

Planned Parenthood Heartland

Kelley Robinson received Bachelors degrees in Sociology and Women’s & Gender Studies at the University of Missouri – Columbia. Kelley has been organizing and pursuing social justice initiatives throughout her career, with special attention to issues of hate, bias, gender based violence, and where these issues intersect with public policy. While at the University of Missouri, she worked to establish an anonymous system for bias incident and sexual assault reporting ( and a task force to address these issues. Kelley’s political experience came when she worked as an organizer for President Obama’s Campaign, organizing the Youth Vote in Mid-Missouri, and then as an organizer in Georgia working on Jim Martin’s Run-Off Campaign for the US Senate. From there Kelley paired her knowledge of the legislative process with a desire to engage in critical analysis as a Research Assistant on a project that looks at the ways that social networks in New Orleans have helped to mitigate the socio-economic challenges presented by Hurricane Katrina, specifically in the recovery process. The project focused on women’s networks of support in the aftermath of the storm, poor women’s care networks, and the ways that they can be utilized to improve disaster policy in future relief efforts. Kelley went on to work as a Health focused Outreach Coordinator for United We Serve, a White House service initiative dedicated to engaging Americans in community service and volunteerism as a means of building a foundation in US communities to support the economic recovery. Kelley is currently working as a Regional Organizer and Community Outreach Specialist at Planned Parenthood of the Heartland in Des Moines, Iowa.

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