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Kate Michelman

Kate Michelman, president emeritus of NARAL Pro-Choice America, is the author of Protecting the Right to Choose.

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Bob Casey Versus the Rights of Women

Kate Michelman

It is increasingly clear that the women of Pennsylvania cannot trust Senator Casey to protect their health and defend their rights. Casey’s vote on the Blunt Amendment made it clear that he supports the religious and moral beliefs of employers above comparable rights and beliefs of women. No explanation can mitigate this fundamental fact.

On the Anniversary of Roe – A Call to Action

Kate Michelman

Its more than 40 years since I sat in a hospital conference room, interrogated by men who held my fate, my family, and my choice in their hands. After all these years, I can still feel the humiliation, the shame, and the anger.

The Public’s Right to Know

Kate Michelman

The public may never know whether Obama's Supreme Court nominee is committed to privacy rights because of the conspiracy of silence that governs judicial nominations.