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Justyn Hintze

Choice USA

Justyn Hintze, a Field Intern with Choice USA, is a Florida State University graduate, straight from Tallahassee, with a degree in Women’s Studies and Creative Writing. At FSU, she was on the board for the Women’s Center and the f word, the feminist group on campus. She is a YP4 alumni and got involved with Choice USA in 2009 after attending the Gloria Steinem Membership Conference that changed her life. Justyn is working to de-stigmatize the word lesbian and STIs. She began writing as an advice columnist for Choice Words, the Choice USA blog, in 2010 and served as the regimens editor for the Southeast Review, FSU’s Creative Writing Department’s literary magazine. An avid pro-sex feminist and activist, Justyn spends her time adoring espresso and Ellen DeGeneres, while explaining to people that feminism is just equality for everyone.

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