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Julia Reticker-Flynn

Advocates for Youth

Julia Reticker-Flynn is the Youth Activist Network Manager at Advocates for Youth, where she works with young people across the country to advocate for cultural and policy change that supports young people’s sexual health and rights. Since starting at Advocates in 2010 she has trained over one thousand young people on grassroots organizing skills, mobilized thousands to take action on federal policy initiatives to protect young people’s sexual health and rights, and launched the 1 in 3 campaign to destigmatize abortion and promote access to abortion services.

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Julia Reticker-Flynn
Julia Reticker-Flynn

Commentary Contraception

In Emergency Contraception Decision, Obama Administration Undermines Young People and Women’s Health for Political Gain

In her bizarre statement announcing this decision, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius effectively blames young women for her own political cowardice, saying we can’t be sure that younger women will understand how to take Plan B One-Step effective. (HINT: It involves taking one pill. That’s why it’s called Plan B One-Step.)