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Joan Dawson

Joan Dawson writes
about women’s human rights, health and travel. Her work has been
published in magazines, newspapers and online venues. She has a
master’s degree in public health and works in the domestic violence
field. She’s interested in tackling violence against women, both here
and abroad.

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Reproductive Rights, Parental Rights, and Family Violence: A Dangerous Intersection

Joan Dawson

We are actually witnessing an erosion of protections of women and children in abusive relationships. Policies that reflect social biases paint women as “vindictive” liars, combine with the efforts of both alleged abusers to fight to regain control of their wives and children and fathers’ rights proponents are harming women and children trying to escape abuse.

Roman Polanski: Justice Needs To Be Served

Joan Dawson

Why is it that we “pardon” or overlook some individuals for their crimes? Many others before him have fled their sentences but eventually served their time. So why do some think he’s above the law?