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I am a former Planned Parenthood counselor and clinic assistant, first in Michigan and then in Maryland. Both experiences enriched my understanding of reproductive rights and influenced my future school and career paths. I earned my M.A. in Sociology at American University, focusing on gender and family. My interests span a wide range, but much of what moves me to speak out involves abortion and sexuality, especially with a media twist. My graduate thesis was on the regulation of sexual content in film and television.

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Your Ovaries and You


So, in addition to worrying about an unplanned pregnancy and whether I'll be able to get an abortion, now I have to worry about under planning pregnancy? Female fertility has become a schizophrenic mine field.

Where Have All the Pro-Choice Men Gone?


A recent Gallup Poll found that fewer men identify as pro-choice today than they did in 2008. The sexism that's feeding the anti-choice side and why we need men to support women's reproductive rights.