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Claire Keyes

Claire Keyes was the director of Allegheny Reproductive Health in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for more than 30 years until her retirement. Her background and training were in counseling and psychotherapy, which deeply informed her work with women and families at the clinic. Her particular interests in clinic services included integrating patients’ partners and spirituality into their visit when patients so requested. She now works on occasional abortion-related projects and has welcomed this opportunity to honor her beloved medical director, Dr. Morris Turner, whom she misses so very much.

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Men: Invisible Allies in the Struggle for Choice

Claire Keyes

About half of women choosing abortion bring a man along. Some bring their brother, dad, grandfather, uncle, friend or boss; most who bring a man bring their partner. More men would have accompanied the women had they not stayed home to care for the other child or children (most women choosing abortion already have at least one child), or they are working, or she preferred to have her friend or mother with her.

Men’s Words on Abortion

Claire Keyes

What happens when men are encouraged to speak their minds about abortion? Many abortion providers realize that men's voices are valuable -- contrary to the suggestions made in the recent rash of claims that "men are victims of abortion too."