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Ariana Childs Graham

Ariana Childs Graham is an independent consultant on advocacy relating to global health and development,  sexual and reproductive health and rights and civil society engagement.

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Who Is Bart Stupak?

Ariana Childs Graham

Who is Bart Stupak and why is he fronting for the far right in the health care debate? An analysis of Stupak's political record and past history reveals that he was the perfect man for the job: a consistently anti-choice Democrat who isn't worried about reelection, who has a strong connection to the Religious Right and who has done their bidding before. He’s their chosen and willing one and by not wavering thus far, he’s done them proud.

The CPD Roller Coaster

Ariana Childs Graham

While the final Commission on Population and Development Resolution presented some problematic language regarding adolescents, it spoke out strongly for women's reproductive freedom.