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Anna Wilkowska-Landowska

RH Reality Check, Eastern Europe

Anna Wilkowska-Landowska is a human rights lawyer from Poland, specializing in women’s human rights and working with various human rights NGOs, including NEWW, INTERIGHTS, as well as with intergovernmental organizations. In 2005 she worked as a legal consultant for UNIFEM on developing a program focused on implementation of gender equality laws in the countries of CEE and CIS. She represented a Polish applicant at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, in the case concerning abortion procedures in Poland (Tysiac v. Poland, in which the Court decided there had been a violation of Article 8 of the Convention). Currently she is co-operating with UNIFEM as International Consultant on Women’s Economic Rights in the project entitled “Accountability for Protection of Women’s Human Rights.”

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Lithuania Adopts Homophobic Law

Anna Wilkowska-Landowska

A Lithuanian law potentially criminalizes almost any public expression of or information about homosexuality, effectively preventing LGBT people from accessing information, support and protection needed to be free of discrimination and stigma.

Even Legal Abortion Is Hard to Access in Poland

Anna Wilkowska-Landowska

Abortion in Poland is legal when the mother's life or health is at risk, in cases of fetal malformation, or when pregnancy is a result of a crime, and a clear majority of Poles support access to abortion in these cases. So why is accessing legal abortion so difficult?